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معرفی 4 کتاب عمران

Finite Element Analysis:

Theory and Application with ANSYS  


 Author: Saeed Moaveni | Publisher: Prentice Hall | ISBN 0-13-785098-0 | Ed. 1999 | djvu, 527 pages | language: english | 8 MB

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 1. Introduction.
2. Matrix Algebra.
3. Trusses.
4. Axial Members, Beams, and Frames.
5. One-Dimensional Elements.
6. Analysis of One-Dimensional Problems.
7. Two-Dimensional Elements.
8. More ANSYS.
9. Analysis of Two-Dimensional Heat Transfer Problems.
10. Analysis of Two-Dimensional Solid Mechanics Problems.
11. Dynamic Problems.
12. Analysis of Fluid Mechanic Problems.
13. Three-Dimensional Elements.
14. Design and Material Selection.
15. Design Optimization.

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Architecture Sustainable Building Design


PDF | 100 Pages | 8.95 MB | ISBN 0471486604
Publisher: Tokyo University Press 2005

The 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo, Student Session 23-29 September 2005, Tokyo, Japan, with 95 project from all the world - very interesting work.


Project Management for Construction: Fundamental Concepts for Owners, Engineers, Architects, an
d Builders

Prentice Hall / February 1989 | 496 pages | ISBN: 0137312660 | chm | 4.5Mb

This book develops a specific viewpoint in discussing the participants, the processes and the techniques of project management for construction. This viewpoint is that of owners who desire completion of projects in a timely, cost effective fashion. Some profound implications for the objectives and methods of project management result from this perspective:

* The “life cycle” of costs and benefits from initial planning through operation and disposal of a facility are relevant to decision making. An owner is concerned with a project from the cradle to the grave. Construction costs represent only one portion of the overall life cycle costs.
* Optimizing performance at one stage of the process may not be beneficial overall if additional costs or delays occur elsewhere. For example, saving money on the design process will be a false economy if the result is excess construction costs.

* Fragmentation of project management among different specialists may be necessary, but good communication and coordination among the participants is essential to accomplish the overall goals of the project. New information technologies can be instrumental in this process, especially the Internet and specialized Extranets.
* Productivity improvements are always of importance and value. As a result, introducing new materials and automated construction processes is always desirable as long as they are less expensive and are consistent with desired performance.

* Quality of work and performance are critically important to the success of a project since it is the owner who will have to live with the results.




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Civil Engineering Formulas

(Pocket Guide)

McGraw-Hill Professional | 2001 | 350 pages | ISBN-10: 0071356126 | 2.2 Mb
Indispensable portable reference for all practicing civil engineers and students

فرمولهای تیرها ، ستونها ، نقشه برداری ، زلزله ، بتن ، ساختمان ، بزرگراه ، راه سازی ، هیدرولیک ، پل و .. هر چه که یک مهندس عمران به آن نیاز دارد را در این کتاب کم حجم میتوانید پیدا کنید :

Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice
Beam Formulas
Column Formulas
Piles and Piling Formulas
Concrete Formulas
Timber Engineering Formulas
Surveying Formulas
Soil and Earthwork Formulas
Building and Structures Formulas
Bridge and Suspension-Cable Formulas
Highway and Road Formulas
Hydraulics and Waterworks Formulas

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